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Common Myths About Asthma

There is no exact cause for asthma and many doctors believe that there are a variety of reasons that actually cause the condition. There is not a cure for asthma although there are a variety of treatment options. Additionally, there are many different myths concerning asthma that should be dispelled for those suffering from the disease.

First of all, asthma is a real condition and is not something that is just in the sufferer’s head. Emotional issues can cause asthma attacks, but the condition is very real and not something psychological.

Another myth surrounding asthma is that it is something you can just outgrow. Unfortunately, there is no outgrowing asthma although it may not present itself during the teen years.

Unfortunately a lot of people believe that asthma is not serious and really no big deal. In fact, there is a cure for it, right? The answer is there is no cure for asthma and it is indeed a disease that can be deadly. As long as the individual controls his/her asthma then there should be no long-term problems.

A lot of asthma sufferers think it is a good idea to move to a new location with desert like conditions to help with their asthma conditions. This frequently works for a period of time, but then the asthma comes back in full force.

Another myth is that asthma sufferers should avoid any type of exercise. This is not the case at all and there are a lot of exercises that are perfect for asthma sufferers. However, cold, dry air may trigger asthma attacks for some individuals.

Keep in mind that asthma is not contagious. If someone sitting beside you has asthma it is not like a cold that can simply be spread. Developing asthma at some point in your life if one of your parents has it is a possibility, however. If neither of your parents have asthma then your chances are lower than 6%. If one person has asthma then you have a 30% chance of having asthma and this increases up to 70% if both parents suffer from asthma.

Asthma is a condition that has a mind of its own. Sufferers cannot just decide to have an asthma attack. Their body just reacts to conditions and an attack follows. Don’t believe that anyone can have an asthma attack on cue just to garner attention.

Medical treatment is required for asthma and it is a serious condition even if the sufferer believes otherwise. Keep in mind also that asthma medication is not addictive.

These are just some of the myths surrounding asthma and it is helpful to know the truth!

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